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Auxiliary Service - ENABLE

A unique 'back-office' recruitment service which covers everything from business managers to receptionists, technicians to system operators and much more.


Senior Enable Consultant

Helen joined Academic Appointments in April 2017, where she took on the role of developing our 'Enable' model. Supporting integral non-classroom based staff, such as, administrators and technicians is what Helen does best. Her personable approach and understanding of how a school works internally, lend itself to some very strong relationships. 

After graduating with a degree in Education Studies Helen began working as a Teaching Assistant in a Bradford primary school where she supported a Year 5 class, it was this experience that made her decide to move into a career in recruitment in 2015. However, not just any recruitment, particularly that of supporting children, so for the last 2 years she recruited for Children’s Support Workers in a residential setting, before taking the move into Education. 

When not at work, Helen enjoys travelling, going to festivals and spending time with friends.

Having lived in Malaysia for 4 years, Helen is one of the most open-minded and enterprising members of the team.

Tel: 0113 390 1011

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