Academic Appointments do Spider Man!

Today 5 members of the AA team took on a 60ft abseil in aid of Candlelighters, our partnership charity of the year. 

Candlelighters do amazing work supporting children and their families affected by cancer. The charity is Leeds based and close to a number of our employee's hearts, so when we were approached to take on the abseil, how could we say no.

As the rain poured down the team thought they might 'get out of it' but nope we received an email from Candlelighters to say all was going ahead, regardless of the weather! So we went, and we did it! Most of the team enjoyed the experience and wanted to go again but our Marketing Manager Danni definitely didn't...

''I have to admit I have taken on a number of charity challenges including heights, many times but this, wow, this was different. Maybe it's because I am a mummy now but hanging off that edge was one of the scariest things I have ever done! I couldn't let the rope go''

Emma, our Special Needs Recruitment and Compliance Officer, was the complete opposite ''I loved it, when can we go again''.

The team have raised over £500 for the charity. Well done guys! Thank you to everyone who sponsored them. You really have made a difference! 

Watch the FB Live recording here /uploads/candlelighters-abseil-12-06-2019-15-53.mp4

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