Paying thanks to Air Ambulance

“In March of this year, my father was involved in a serious road traffic collision with a motorcycle. Due to the severity of his injuries and the traffic issues on the surrounding roads, he was fortunate enough to be attended to by the Great Western Air Ambulance.

Within minutes of arriving on the scene, their specialist team issued urgent critical care and were able to begin the process of resetting some of his broken bones – and within 20 minutes he was in a specialist hospital in Bristol. A journey that can take an hour and a half by road on a good day.  

Although I was aware of the air ambulance as a service I had absolutely no idea until this encounter that they are a charitable organisation and rely entirely on fundraising to keep going. Had my father not been attended too so quickly, he was at very real risk of permanent disability, or worse.

As things were, he was able to visit them in person to thank them yesterday, standing on his own two feet without the need for crutches(!) You can tell by the smiles of us all just how happy we were to meet them.

He received exceptional care throughout his time in hospital, but I have no doubt that without the support of the Air Ambulance the outcome would not have been so fortunate.

Since receiving their help we have begun fundraising for them, including two of my family running their first half marathons to raise funds. They need £3 million a year to keep going – but attended nearly 2000 critical incidents last year alone.

Please take a moment to check them out – but also to have a look at our local Air Ambulance who also need our help to keep going. Remember without donations they simply wouldn’t exist. “

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